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The Full Story

"Jack of all trades,

master of none,

but oftentimes better

than a master of one."

Vivid stories tend to follow an unconventional plotline. My story continues to evolve through a variety of work experiences in several creative and client-oriented industries.

As a first-generation Polish - American, I’ve learned, through practice, the importance and possibility of making something out of nothing. Ever since I was a child I had an insatiable thirst for the arts, culture, and communication, in many capacities, but I wasn't sure how or where to begin.


I pursued a Communications and Media degree at DePaul University, tailoring it to my many interests instead of pigeon-holing myself into a neat little corner. After graduating, I chose a dynamic route, working as a freelance creative in the arts and entertainment. 

I’ve focused on developing a keen sense of communication and aesthetics, and combining skillsets across multiple industries. Throughout my work, I discovered the true value of a unique, cross-disciplinary perspective. 


My short-form video and copy content on various social media platforms caught the attention of one of my peers and led me to become an Ambassador for NAMI, the largest grassroots mental health non-profit in the nation. Guest speaking to middle and high school Chicagoland students conveyed to me how advocacy and storytelling go hand in hand. 

Regardless of the industry, I love creating high-value interactions and seeking opportunities to share compelling work. While unconventional, my experiences have ultimately shaped me into a multi-media storyteller, always eager to create something compelling, seemingly out of nothing. 




Based in

Chicago, Illinois

Dual citizenship - Poland and U.S.

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